El ABC de la New Wave

"La mayor enciclopedia de la New Wave de la A a la Z"
"The greatest sound encyclopedia of New Wave from A to Z"

Blog dedicado a la New Wave, Power Pop, Punk and Revival Mod.

Una guía que repasa alfabéticamente el movimiento musical que surgió en Inglaterra a finales de los años 70 y se alargó hasta principios de los 80, cuando el pop y el rock pasó de ser exclusivo para unos pocos a estar al alcance de cualquiera.

Blog dedicated to the New Wave, Power Pop, Punk and Revival Mod.

A guide that reviews alphabetically the musical movement that emerged in England at the end of the 70s and lasted until the beginning of the 80s, when pop and rock was no longer exclusive to a few to be available to anyone.

miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

Letra P Vol.1

Letra P Vol.1

1. The Pretenders - "Brass In Pocket" (UK 1979)

2. The Pencils - "If You Really Wanna Hurt Somebody" (UK 1982)

3. The Photos - "Do You Have Fun" (UK 1980)

4. Protex - "Don't Ring Me Up" (UK 1978)

5. Pinkees - "I'll Be There" (UK 1982)

7. Graham Parker - "Between You And Me" (UK 1976)

8. Purple Hearts - "My Life's A Jigsaw" (UK 1981)

9. Plastic Bertrand - "Ca Plane Por Moi" (FRA 1978)

10. Pointed Sticks - "What Do You Want Me To Do" (CAN 1978)

11. Pezband - "Baby It's Cold Outside" (USA 1977)

13. Pearl Harbour And The Explosions - "You Got It (Release It)" (USA 1980)

14. Paley Brothers - "Come Out And Play" (USA 1978)

15. The Physicals - "Be Like Me" (UK 1980)