El ABC de la New Wave

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"The greatest sound encyclopedia of New Wave"

Toda la música de la New Wave de la A a la Z.
"All the music of the New Wave from A to Z".

Una guía donde repasaremos alfabéticamente un buen montón de grupos que nos dejaron las mejores canciones y sensaciones de la época. Canciones a las que el paso de los años no las ha empobrecido ni envejecido, sino que las ha hecho madurar y suenan con igual o mayor frescura que el primer día.
"An alphabetical guide where we review a bunch of bands that left us the best songs and sensations at the time. Songs to which the passage of the years has not depleted or aged, but the sound has grow and with equal or greater freshness that the first day."

Un repaso al movimiento musical que surgió en Inglaterra a finales de los años 70 y que se alargó hasta principios de los 80, cuando el pop y el rock pasó de ser exclusivo para unos pocos a estar al alcance de cualquiera.
"A review of the musical movement that emerged in England in the late 70s and was lengthened until the early '80s, when pop and rock was no longer exclusive to a few to be available to anyone."

New Wave es un término que utilizaremos de manera general para englobar también el power pop, el punk y el revival mod.
"New Wave is a term we use in a general way to encompass also the power pop, punk and mod revival."

La New Wave supuso toda una revolución para el mundo de la música una inyección de juventud, frescura, vitalidad y diversión, donde cualquiera era capaz de plasmar su creatividad con los mínimos recursos, y los resultados fueron ciertamente sorprendentes.
"The New Wave was a revolution to the world of music an injection of youth, freshness, vitality, and fun, where everyone was able to translate their creativity with minimal resources, and the results were indeed surprising."

domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Letra S Vol.1

Letra S Vol.1

1. Phil Seymour - "Precious To Me" / "Baby it's You" (USA 1980)

2. The Shoes - "Curiosity" (USA 1982)

3. Syl Sylvain - "I Can't Forget Tomorrow"  (USA 1981)

4. The Scruffs - "She Say Yea" (USA 1977)

5. The Skeletons - "Very Last Day" (USA 1979)

6. Rachel Sweet - "I Go to Pieces" (USA 1978)

7. The Saints - "Let's Pretend" (AUS 1981)

8. Sunnyboys - "Happy Man" (AUS 1981)

9. The Smirks - "Rosemary" (UK 1978)

10. Squeeze - "Up The Junction" (UK 1979)

11. The Specials - "A Message To You Rudy" (UK 1979)

12. Stiff Little Fingers - "Nobody's Hero" (UK 1980)

13. Secret Affair - "Time For Action" (UK 1979)

14. Squire - "Take A Look" (UK 1983)

15. Speedometors - "Tonight, Tonight" (UK 1979)


domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

Letra R Vol.1

Letra R Vol.1

1. Ramones - "Sheena Is A Punk Roker" (USA 1977)

2. The Real Kids - " All Kindsa Girls" (USA 1977)

3. The Romantics - "Forever Yours" (USA 1980)

5. Rebel - "Baby, Baby, Baby" (NED 1982)

6. Rockpile - "Now And Always" (USA 1980)

8. The Rezillos - "Flying Saucer Attack" (UK 1978)

9. The Riptides - "Tomorrow Tears" (AUS 1979)

10. The Roulettes - "Baby Don't Go" (USA 1981)

11. The Rubinoos - "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" (USA 1979)

12. The Records - "Starry Eyes" (UK 1978)

13. The Radiators - "Million Dollar Hero" (UK 1978)

14. The Rockers - "Don't Leave me Tonight" (USA 1979)

15. RPM’s - "Another Sunday" (USA 1980)


lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

Letra Q Vol.1

Letra Q Vol.1


2. Q-Tips - "Some Kinda Wonderful" (UK 1980)

3. The Questions - "Can't Get Over You" (UK 1979)

4. The Question - "Easy" (USA 1983)

5. The Quick - "Pretty Please Me" (USA 1978)

6. David Quinton - "Make Up Your Mind" (CAN 1981)

7. Quality Drivel - "Stagnant Minds" (UK 1981)

8. Quill - "Love In A Jar" (UK 1980)

10. Quartz - "Social Values" (UK 1977)

11. Queen Annes - "I Thought of You" (USA 1983)

12. Qt's - "Savage In The City" (UK 1979)

13. Quad Pi - "In Near You" (USA 1981)

14. Queers - "We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin" (USA 1982)


miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

Letra P Vol.1

Letra P Vol.1

1. The Pretenders - "Brass In Pocket" (UK 1979)

2. The Pencils - "If You Really Wanna Hurt Somebody" (UK 1982)

3. The Photos - "Do You Have Fun" (UK 1980)

4. Protex - "Don't Ring Me Up" (UK 1978)

5. Pinkees - "I'll Be There" (UK 1982)

7. Graham Parker - "Between You And Me" (UK 1976)

8. Purple Hearts - "My Life's A Jigsaw" (UK 1981)

9. Plastic Bertrand - "Ca Plane Por Moi" (FRA 1978)

10. Pointed Sticks - "What Do You Want Me To Do" (CAN 1978)

11. Pezband - "Baby It's Cold Outside" (USA 1977)

13. Pearl Harbour And The Explosions - "You Got It (Release It)" (USA 1980)

14. Paley Brothers - "Come Out And Play" (USA 1978)

15. The Physicals - "Be Like Me" (UK 1980)